Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are some problems because of which people consult a psychiatrist?

Some common concerns for which clients seek Psychiatric help can be:

This is an inexhaustible list and only some common concerns are mentioned here.

Q. How many counseling sessions does one need?

The time frame for therapy depends on the specific concern and its severity. It is difficult to specify the exact duration of therapy; however, at least 8-10 sessions are required to see a positive change.

Q. Is medication necessary and for how long will I be on medication?

The course of treatment is decided by the psychiatrist. Mild emotional issues may only require counselling. However, more clinical concerns require medication. The duration for which one will be asked to take medication, varies depending on each client’s unique mental health concern.

Q. What is the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist?

A psychiatrist undergoes formal Medical training and further specializes in the treatment of Psychiatric difficulties. And therefore, they can prescribe medication.

Psychologists on the other hand, complete their post-graduate training in Psychology, under the Behavioral or Social Sciences branch. They are not doctors and therefore are not certified to prescribe medication. Psychologists are trained in Counseling & Psychological Assessments. They can help deal with cognitive, behavioral and emotional difficulties.

Usually they work as a team as the ultimate goal of mental health professionals is to help people experiencing psychological issues.

Q. My friends & Family have been advising me during difficult times, why should I go to a Counselor?

Counselling does not involve advice-giving. Even though Family members and friends offer genuine support, they might not be able to view your issue in an objective and neutral manner because they are emotionally attached to you.

Family and relatives may give advice the based on their life experiences and world view. On the other hand, Psychiatrists and psychologists are trained professionals who can guide you in an objective manner. The goal is to help clients make decisions independently and learn techniques that would help them deal with difficult situations effectively in the future.