Mann attempts to provide a comprehensive approach to mental health. We in collaboration with Edwise International are now extending our services to the students as well, mainly in career counseling for national and international education. Our main focus will be on Aptitude testing, Counseling and workshops which will help students in making a right choice for their profession.

From years of experience in counseling students we have come across numerous students who are confused about their career path. Thus we have come up with the International Psychometric Assessment known as the Academic Pathway Planning Program (APP) and Career Map. These assessments give a detailed analysis of an individual’s capability. The Psychometric assessment is done by trained qualified in house Clinical Psychologists. APP and Career Map helps students to understand their strengths, weaknesses and the right career option for them. It assesses the Aptitude, Interest & Personality of the individual.

Academic Pathway Planning Program (APP) – For Under Graduates

Online Assessment - For Post Graduates

  Student Level Reasons
  Class 8th and 9th level For selecting subjects of Xth board level.
  Class 10th For streams and subject of Jr College/ IB / IGCSE/ CBSE / ISC
  Class 11th to12th To select which Bachelors degree should they opt for
  Bachelors To Select their Masters Programme.